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Parents involved with the Arizona child welfare system stand a significantly better chance of getting their kids back if they complete a state-run substance abuse program. That's the finding of a new report by Arizona State University’s Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy. The report also found the program improves the odds of parents getting and keeping a job.

PHOENIX – A high proportion of persons who encounter the criminal justice system have experienced past or ongoing trauma, which can disrupt lives and affect behavior, perception and mental state. Recognizing that fact, and preparing law enforcement personnel with trauma-informed policies and practices, can increase safety, reduce recidivism and improve outcomes for all concerned.

Many individuals who are homeless also experience mental illness and/or substance use disorder. In his February 12 Night of the Open Door talk, Dr. Shafer explored the intersection between our nation’s healthcare delivery system and homelessness, including the potential impact of healthcare reform — and of approaches to housing first and treating addiction and mental illness second. 

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