Blanca Acosta

Blanca Acosta serves as the Executive Director at Constructing Circles of Peace in Nogales, Arizona. She has been working in the social and behavioral health field since 1999, where she started her service as a Health Promoter in various programs providing education, training and advocacy for low income families. Under her leadership, Constructing Circles of Peace has expanded from a small domestic violence offender treatment center, to a nationally recognized leader in restorative justice. Under Blanca, the services at Circles of Peace now include: Pre-Trial Services, Outpatient Treatment for Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse Treatment, Drug Court Program, Drug Free Communities Grant, Strengthening Families Program, and Entre Amigas Women’s Support Group. Over the course of several years, Blanca has advocated for cultural competence best practices and improved services to marginalized, Latino, Spanish-speaking women in Santa Cruz County. She has worked on the Women’s Behavioral Health Initiative of Santa Cruz County as a lead decision-maker and has advocated for the only fully inclusive and culturally sensitive, women’s support group in Santa Cruz County. She is focused on closing the women’s health and wealth gap in Santa Cruz County. She is passionate about empowering the women of SCC to reach their many diverse goals. Because of her guidance, over 50 women have directly received personal mentoring and have reached their SMART goals for the year. Some of which were to start their own business, speak English, gain employment, finish high school, and enroll in parenting classes. Blanca is a woman of passion and integrity. She never seeks recognition, awards or applause. She works tirelessly to improve the lives of the marginalized and forgotten through her programs and work at Circles of Peace. We would all do good to watch and learn from this woman. Santa Cruz County is fortunate to have a woman like Blanca Acosta.