A Statement from the Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy

Over this past month, the staff and students at the Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy have engaged in profound reflection in the face of monumental grief. We stand with black lives and condemn the tragic murder of George Floyd.

We are all called to action as social workers, advocates and helpers to be proactive as we attempt to fulfill our mission to expand knowledge and improve behavioral health practice. To that end, we are taking steps to become a more inclusive and diverse behavioral health research center. We are taking steps to become anti-racist. Over the next year…

1.    We will support each other and our behavioral health partners as we begin to achieve systemic equality and social justice by consciousness-raising, ongoing dialogue and the practice of critical self-reflection.

2.    We will recruit new advisory board members that reflect both the disciplinary sectors and the cultural make-up of our community in consideration of race, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

3.    In collaboration with other research centers and offices within the School of Social Work, we are developing a research-related subcommittee tasked with addressing inclusion and diversity of our community-embedded research efforts. 

4.    We will seek out new community partnerships that are reflective of Arizona including, but not limited to, Latinx, Native, Black and Asian communities.

5.    We will seek to develop mutual and trusting relationships with community coalitions and boards representing Black and Brown people in Arizona. 

6.    We will create a community contract in which we promise a strict and high bar of practice that is ethical, anti-racist and activist in consideration of intersectional and oppressed identities.

7.    We will actively seek resources from funding agencies that we deem ethical and who work toward becoming anti-racist and activist in consideration of intersectional and oppressed identities.

8.    We will take concrete steps to ensure workforce development at both Summer Institute and Winter Institute include tracks centering around the fight for systemic equality and social justice.

9.    Related to all of the above, we will take steps to develop a means to evaluate our progress over the coming year and we will communicate that back to you, our collective stakeholders.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership.