First Responders - Bridging Response in Evidence-based Facilitation of Services for People who Misuse Opioids

In response to the opioid crisis, the Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy is developing a brief tertiary prevention application for use with community members who engage with first responders in emergent overdose-related situations. This project is community-inspired (and highly relevant) with the goal of becoming more responsive to pressing community needs related to the opioid epidemic.

This application aims to form sustainable relationships between the Phoenix Fire Department (PFD), the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO), and community prevention via Shot in the Dark (SITD) and Sonoran Prevention Works. This exploratory/developmental application to the College of Public Service & Community Solutions is deploying three phases of support:

  • Determine community stakeholder needs
  • Develop smartphone-based application (tentatively known FirstResource) which will provide First Responders with easily accessible, evidence-based facilitation of services for people who misuse opioids.
  • Pilot phase dedicated to training and testing the FR-BRIEF application.


Natasha Mendoza, MSW, PhD
Director, Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy
Associate Professor, School of Social Work