Jane AbuchaThe Excellence in Integrated Care Award recognizes and individual or organization that seamlessly integrates behavioral and medical care.

Dr. Jane Abucha, Innovative Health Clinic

As someone who was displaced by the Second Sudanese Civil War, Jane Abucha refuses to dwell on her past and uses her experience as a tool to be successful. While in the United States, Jane saw the gap in health services in the Sudanese and African communities and decided it was her duty to break the chain. She’s been a champion and an advocate for bringing awareness to health issues deemed taboo or with stigmas and forbidden to speak of in the Sudanese and African communities. Jane has not only excelled in becoming a doctor, she also encourages other young women in her community to follow their dreams. For Jane, it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to make your dreams come true. Just be focused and remain persistent on it until you reach your goal.

Since 2014 Innovative Health Clinic has been providing a wide range of health and medical services to Arizona communities. Lead by Dr. Jane Abucha, Innovative Health Clinic has used a community approach in treating patients. Jane has brought her cultural and traditional values, providing every patient the treatment they deserve. Her identity as a South Sudanese allowed her to see the importance of addressing health and well-being of men, women, wellness and health in as an important piece of all human needs.

Jane’s memoir, "From Start to Finish: How to be Successful," published in 2016, highlights her life in more than three countries. Jane Abucha expands on how she chose to live her best life while never forgetting the less fortunate.

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