The Experts on MAT series now available

The Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy (CABHP) has officially released their docuseries, ASU presents: The Experts on Medication-Assisted Treatment. The eleven-part series features short interviews with nine experts, optimized for quick viewing across multiple web platforms and networks, but also comes as a full 42-minute feature.

CABHP Associate Director, Dr. Adrienne Lindsey explains, “The series is intended to dispel common myths surrounding medications to treat opioid use disorder. There is still so much misunderstanding surrounding these medications. We wanted to help clear some of that up, with some discussion around the evidence of their effectiveness.”

MAT Film Premiere

(L to R) Series co-producer Abby Henderson, co-host Francesca Mia Gomez, director Mike Chesworth, co-producers Christina Boudreau and Kevin Bushaw pose at the series premiere, held at FilmBar Phoenix on Tuesday, November 19th

Series co-producer and ASU graduate Abby Henderson points out, “Across Arizona, we’ve heard this consistent idea that, ‘If you’re addicted to opioids, it’s your own fault’ or ‘MAT is just replacing one drug with another.” This series addresses and uses solid facts and research accompanied by personal stories in order to break down that stigma.”

After a successful premiere at FilmBar Phoenix - which brought together healthcare providers, government officials, local experts and recovery advocates, as well as a wide range of behavioral health professionals- the series is being widely hailed as a helpful tool in disseminating the truth about the sometimes hotly debated subject of whether Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder is the best mode of addressing theepidemic.

Featured series Expert, and Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Sara Salek shares in the series, “What the data is telling us is that MAT is the most effective intervention to assist an individual in recovery.”

The docuseries has already been shared widely to organizations and networks like Arizona Recovery Housing and UA’s Center for Rural Health, and the Arizona Council of Human Service Providers.

You can view the series at, or the full presentation on CABHP’s YouTube Channel. To read more about MAT visit

The Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy is situated within the School of Social Work and the Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions. The CABHP mission is to expand knowledge and improve quality of care. 

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