Motivational Interviewing Intermediate

Enhance your understanding of motivational interviewing, a goal-oriented evidence-based practice useful in treating clients for a variety of behaviors. Learn the components of the MI spirit, how to solicit change talk, and respond to client sustain talk in your practice. Participants are encouraged to attend MI Basics prior to this course.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define and demonstrate the components of the “Spirit” of motivational interviewing (partnering with the client as an equal, respecting client autonomy, maintaining compassion for the client’s situation, and evoking statements about change)
  • Implement strategies that can be used to help clients experience dissatisfaction with their risky behaviors
  • Identify examples of “change talk” and “sustain talk” in client statements and respond to them accordingly
  • Manage and repair breakdowns in the patient-provider relationship
  • Practice advance skills with complex reflections