Tasha Mendoza steps down as CABHP Director

I'm reaching out to convey my most sincere appreciation for the myriad opportunities I've been met with over the past three years as the Director of the Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy (CABHP). I am sending my thanks to everyone who has contributed to the evolution of the CABHP over our time working together. 

Since 2018, in my role as Center Director, I've worked with some of the most gifted and talented staff, students, faculty, and researchers at ASU. With my ASU colleagues, and in collaboration with important community partners, we developed dozens of grant applications, we built critical products for dissemination to the behavioral health practice community, we facilitated major conferences, trainings, coalitions, and work groups. Ultimately, I am incredibly proud of the work that we've accomplished together over the past three years.

As I step down as Director and into sabbatical, I'm happy to hand over the reins to Dr Frank Dillon. I've known Dr Dillon for several years and I have the utmost confidence in his ability to sustain the foundation of the CABHP and further its growth together with the Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center. 

 In sum, I'm proud of our work together and I'm excited for the next chapter. Please know that I am only an email away at Tadoza@asu.edu.

With profound gratitude,

Dr. Natasha Mendoza
Associate Professor
School of Social Work 
Arizona State University