About the Center

The Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy's mission is to expand knowledge and improve quality of care.

Center Objectives

Conduct research and evaluation that informs policy and improves behavioral health systems.

Design, provide and support educational opportunities to meet the needs of the current and emerging behavioral health workforce.

Develop community-driven solutions by intentionally cultivating partnerships that strengthen capacity.

Our Core Beliefs

We believe that we have a moral and civic responsibility to make our world and our communities a better place.

We believe, that as part of Arizona State University, we are uniquely situated to influence change and promote new approaches to the problems of society.

We believe that use-inspired research can empower individuals, families, and communities to transform policies and programs promoting the behavioral health of all people.

We believe that by fusing academic disciplines and being socially embedded, we enable the success of our students through service-focused learning opportunities that transcend disciplinary and geographic boundaries.

We believe that individuals, families, and communities possess the innate capacity to heal themselves.


NIMH Outreach Partner
NIMH Outreach Partner