The ASU Community Collaborative at the Westward Ho

The ASU Community Collaborative at the Westward Ho is an inter-professional service unit that provides ASU students with real world service learning opportunities, while enhancing the quality of life and functioning of individuals and communities. 

Funding:  The ASU Community Collaborative program is funded in part by the CABHP, the St. Luke’s Health trust/Vitalyst, and a portion of an interprofessional training grant from the Macy Foundation to expose students to real-world learning experiences and enhance the well-being of the Westward Ho population.

Program Description: The ASU Community Collaborative program fuses student learning with community solutions through its student-run interprofessional services center located on the ground floor of the Westward Ho, a subsidized housing complex for 300 seniors and individuals with disabilities. Under the supervision of ASU faculty, students from multiple disciplines provide a variety of free psychosocial and preventative health services and activities to residents of the Westward Ho.

The goals of the program are two-fold:
1)  The program will provide an innovative, real-world learning environment for students in which they will gain direct service experience while also serving a real need in the community. Students will learn the skills of their field, building increased knowledge and ability in direct practice, including client engagement and clinical assessment. In addition, by working alongside peers from several different disciplines, students will build skills in team-based communication and problem solving, and confidence in working as members of an interprofessional team.

2)  The program will provide onsite supportive services to the residents of the Westward Ho that will facilitate improvement in multiple dimensions of wellbeing. By participating in various psychosocial services, preventative health and nutrition education, and recreational activities, residents will gain improved management of health and nutrition, improved fitness and a more engaged, active lifestyle, increased socialization and community engagement, and ultimately, improved overall quality of life.

The program involves collaboration among three ASU departments: the College of Public Service and Community Solutions; the College of Health Solutions; and the College of Nursing and Health Innovation. Students and faculty represent four academic disciplines from the schools of Social Work; Community Resources & Development; Community Nursing; and Nutrition and Health Promotion.

CABHP’s Role: The Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy provides the space for the Collaborative and serves as the coordinating unit, providing administrative support and facilitating program implementation, monitoring and evaluation of program performance.

Program Director: Michael S. Shafer, Ph.D.

Program Coordinator: Tama Reily, MSW

Program Collaborators:
School of Social Work:  Dr. Robin Bonifas, Associate Professor; Dr. Hyunsung Oh, Faculty, Assistant Professor;  Cindy Vang, MSW, Field Supervisor.

College of Nursing & Health Innovation:  Dr. Lisa Jaurigue, Clinical Assistant Professor; Mara Scaramella, Clinical Adjunct Professor.

Community Resources & Development: Kelly Ramella, Associate Instructional Professional; Dr. Beth Dietrich, Faculty Associate.

School of Nutrition & Health Promotion:  Lisa Morse, Clinical Assistant Professor.

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