ASU Public Safety Awards

The Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy (CABHP) is now taking nominations for the ASU Public Safety Awards. The awards recognize champions in the Arizona Public Safety sector such as; firefighters, police officers, corrections personnel, crisis teams, emergency medical responders, behavioral health professionals and mental health advocates.  

The five categories include; Public Safety Partnership Award, Innovative Leader Award, Crisis Interventionist Award, First Responder of the Year Award, and the Advocacy Award. Read below for additional details.

  • Public Safety Partnership Award - This award is given to two or more agencies and/or individual change agents who have creatively broken-down barriers and collaborated effectively to bring innovate solutions to address behavioral health and public safety needs of the community. (make your nomination).
  • Innovative Leader Award - This award recognizes leadership for being proactive and implementing a new and effective program to enhance public safety services. (make your nomination).
  • Crisis Interventionist Award - This excellence in service award goes to an individual who goes above and beyond their job description to ensure quality care to community members experiencing crisis. (make your nomination).
  • First Responder of the Year Award - This individual exemplifies exceptional character beyond their sworn duties. This individual is a champion of their agency, a role model for their discipline, and committed to breaking down behavioral health-related stigma amongst their peers. (make your nomination).
  • Advocacy Award - This individual demonstrates creatively, leadership, and education that positively affects policy or change in the public safety community. (make your nomination).

The Winter Institute for Public Safety & Behavioral Health Conference is Feb. 13-15 at the ASU SkySong Innovation Center in Scottsdale, AZ. Click here for additional information and to register.