Casa Santa Clara Offender Re-Entry

CABHP provided ongoing technical support, training, and program monitoring to Old Pueblo Community Services as it implemented a program of evidence-based treatment to homeless former offenders with substance use problems.

Partners: Old Pueblo Community Services; Compass Health Care; and a volunteer Resident Advisory Panel of current and former residents.

Program Description: The Casa Santa Clara Project strengthened substance abuse and mental health treatment services to homeless people released from prison or jail in Pima County. It provided transitional housing, re-entry services, and substance abuse treatment to 40 men, 25 women, and 8 families. The project combined two evidence-based practices, Community Reinforcement Approach (CRA) and Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET), with a promising trauma recovery component to strengthen residents' intrinsic motivation and increased their self-sufficiency. The program resulted in decreased alcohol and drug use, improved mental health, movement into permanent housing, reduced risk of recidivism, and increased chances of stable employment or education.

CABHP's Role: CABHP identified the most effective methods of treatment for people with substance abuse and mental health issues. We then designed the treatment program so that it complemented Casa Santa Clara's existing services, training service providers and case workers how to implement the most effective methods and increased their awareness of trauma and recovery. We created a consortium of homeless providers, behavioral health services, and primary care providers in the Tucson area to better integrate community response to the homeless ex-offender population. We provided on-going technical support, training, and program monitoring. Over 170 ex-offenders have been served and many have successfully rejoined the community and maintained sobriety.

Project Manager: Vicki Staples.

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