Michael S. Shafer, Ph.D.

Michael S. Shafer, Ph.D.

Welcome to ASU’s Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy, a research Center within the College of Public Service and Community Solutions. Since 1991, CABHP has been promoting behavioral health and building resilient communities through program development and evaluation; research and policy analysis; workforce development and student focused pre-service course development and delivery.

Program Development and Service Delivery
CABHP works with partners across mental health and social service sectors to lead progress in the design and delivery of community support services including: supported employment, education and housing services, consumer-operated service programs and peer support services, integrated healthcare services, including jail diversion, specialty courts, and offender re-entry programming.

Workforce Development
Training, continuing education and professional development are essential elements of the Center’s approach to promoting behavioral health and building resilient communities. In any given year, more than 5,000 healthcare and criminal justice professionals participate in the continuing educational programming provided by the Center. These range from large-scale conferences to in-service training and online instructional opportunities.

Evaluation and Research Services
Whether mandated by funding agencies, or voluntarily requested for quality assurance and improvement, rigorous evaluation from a neutral party can prove invaluable for detecting possible problems and raising the quality of services provided to families and individuals experiencing behavioral health challenges. The Center has been a leader in community-embedded, use-inspired research.

I invite you to visit our website or contact us to find out more about our Center’s initiatives and mission. We value your support of the long-term sustainability of the Center as a positive influence affecting the availability, quality, and impact of human services to the people of Arizona and beyond.

Michael S. Shafer, Ph.D.
Founding Director, Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy
Professor, School of Social Work
Affiliate Professor, School of Criminology & Criminal Justice