The Concho Room

 at the Collaboratory on Central
 inside the Westward Ho

Room Guidelines, Scheduling & Information

General Venue Information

Thank you for expressing interest in holding an event in the Concho Room at ASU’s Collaboratory on Central. The Concho Room is located on the ground floor of the Westward Ho building, situated on the northwest corner of Central Avenue and Fillmore in downtown Phoenix.  With a maximum capacity for 225 individuals (seating max 115), the room features a center stage framed by the original, decorative tile floor.  The Westward Ho is within walking distance of the Northwest- and Southeast-bound Light Rail stations and downtown public parking.

The Concho Room provides a convenient and accessible location for meetings and events. The Concho Room provides seating capacity for 115 individuals in theater style seating (chairs, no tables) and 96 individuals in classroom style seating (chairs with tables in rows).   The room is equipped with a high lumen LCD projector, in house audio with lavalier microphones and standard microphones.  The facility offers wireless internet services through the Arizona State University Wi-Fi network.  Catering services are available through approved ASU vendors.

Room configurations may be setup to meet most needs.  Some of the options include:  Theater, Classroom, Group & Conference. Click here to view photos and seating configurations.

Westward Ho Parking

Click here for an interactive PDF Parking Map.

Advanced Reservations

Reservations may be requested as early as 3 months in advance but no later than 2 weeks prior to the event, with a fully completed Reservation Form.

Cancellations & Temporary Holds

It is the responsibility of the meeting organizer to notify the Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy of cancellations by email at  Simply cancelling or deleting an approved Outlook calendar appointment does not communicate an event cancellation to the staff.

A meeting organizer may request a room hold for up-to 24 hours. A completed Reservation Form is required to hold the reservation beyond 24 hours, to avoid cancellation.


The Concho Room standard availability hours are Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  Use of the room is free to ASU affiliates during standard business hours.  Use by non-ASU organizations, non-profit organizations and after-hours and/or weekend events are available for a fee (see below).

Fees (after hours & non-affliated ASU organizations)

A fee structure exists to ensure the quality of your experience in using the Concho Room.  These fees help to cover the cost of students and staff to maintain the room and ensue that the equipment and furnishings are operational.  Costs include access to audio-visual onsite support and room setup/breakdown.

 Concho Room Fee Structure

 Non-ASU Organization

            One hour or less                                                  $150

            More than One Hour-Half day (4 hours)         $200

            Full Day (8 hours)                                               $400

            Catering/Food/Refreshment Use Fee            $100

             Laundry Fee (for use of linens)                        $120


ASU Affiliate/Non-Profit Organization (requires 501(c) verification)

            One hour or less                                                 $50

            More than One Hour-Half day (4 hours)         $100

            Full Day (8 hours)                                               $200

            Catering/Food/Refreshment Use Fee            $100

            Laundry Fee (for use of linens)                        $120


After-Hours Rates (required for ASU affiliate organizations, non-ASU groups and Non-Profits)

*After 5:00 PM M-F, Saturday/Sundays; includes cost of security if required

            One hour or less                                                 $200

            More than One Hour-Half day (4 hours)         $300

            Full Day (8 hours)                                               $600

            Catering/Food/Refreshment Use Fee            $100

Fees are waived for ASU affiliates for events that occur during standard business hours and for events that use pre-approved catering vendors.  A 50% deposit is due upon reserving the space to confirm reservation, and final payment is due within two (2) days prior to the event to avoid cancellation.  Checks can be made payable to ASU CABHP and mailed to the below address:

            Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy

            Arizona State University

            618 North Central Avenue, Suite 100

            Phoenix, AZ 85004


CABHP can provide interior directional signage to your event upon request, which includes dual-sided A-frame sign with an 11 x 17 insert promoting your event from the entry door on Central Avenue. Exterior signage is not available per ASU Downtown Campus Policies.

Additional Terms of Use

  • Events should not be advertised until an official event confirmation is received from ASU/CABHP.
  • ASU reserves the right to deny permission for facility usage if the requesting organization and/or event has needs that exceed the ability to execute without impacting Westward Ho residents and/or neighbors.
  • ASU reserves the right to end an event if fire code or other laws are being broken, and/or if facility conditions pose a threat to those in attendance.
  • ASU reserves the right to deny permission for facility usage and to cancel and/or move an event in the case of an emergency.
  • Sponsoring organizations and individuals are responsible for the conduct and actions of individuals attending events and activities, and agree to hold ASU harmless from their actions.  In the case of excessive damage or repairs, the sponsoring organization and/or individual will be responsible for all costs associated with cleaning, fixing, and/or repairing the facility and/or equipment. 
  • Taping, nailing or tacking items on walls or on premises are prohibited.
  • Use of bubble machines, fog machines, confetti cannons and glitter cannons are prohibited.
  • Open flames and non-battery candles are prohibited.
  • ASU is a tobacco-free campus.  Smoking, e-cigarettes, vape pens and any illegal drugs are prohibited in all campus facilities.
  • Proof of insurance may be required from the host organization and/or individual for event approval.
  • ASU-affiliates only: It is the responsibility of any ASU-affiliate organization to complete an ASU Special Events Registration form online in advance of the event, as well as pay any associated fees or permit costs. ASU Environmental Health and Safety requests Special Events Registrations be completed no later than 10 days prior 

Reservation Procedures

Please fully complete the Reservation Form and submit it within 24 hours of requesting a reservation hold to confirm a reservation.

 Requests will be scheduled in the order in which they were received and based upon availability (with priority given to ASU/CABHP and College of Public Service and Community Solutions events).  Approved requests will be notified via a calendar (Outlook) invite and unapproved requests will be notified by email.  Please allow 1-2 business days for processing all reservation requests.

It is recommended that first-time users schedule a walk-through prior to their event.  Please contact CABHP at or (602) 496-0138 to request an appointment or to share questions or concerns. 

Meeting Organizer Responsibilities

Audio-Visual Needs

It is the responsibility of the meeting organizer to document and confirm any audio-visual needs when reserving a conference room via the Reservation Form. This includes presentations, video, and conference calls.  Available audio-visual aids include:

  • Laptop (PC-based)
  • HDMI & VGA interface
  • Wi-Fi internet access (via ASU network)
  • 2 hand held microphones
  • 2 lapel/lavalier microphones
  • LCD projector
  • Dropdown projection screen
  • In-house audio (via AUX cord connection)
  • Video Conferencing
  • Teleconferencing


Food and beverages are allowed in the Concho Room through ASU-approved vendors.  Alcohol is not permitted.  Click here to review ASU approved catering vendors.  Organizations are responsible for making their own catering arrangements. 

Catering vendors may utilize the kitchen to store and prepare food for meetings/events. It is the responsibility of the caterers and/or the reserving organization to ensure the kitchen is clean and all catering equipment has been removed after the meeting/event. 

It is the responsibility of the requestor to meet all deliveries (catering, materials, etc.). Delivery and pick-up times must fall within scheduled event hours or an after-hours fee will be assessed.  Organizations are required to notify ASU of all delivery and pick-up times.


ASU does not validate or provide parking for event attendees.  The requestor is responsible for making arrangements with ASU parking services.  Click here for directions and a map of the parking lots that are within easy walking distance of the Concho Room.  Please contact parking at or 602-496-1707 if you need assistance.

Click here for an interactive PDF Parking Map.

Setup and Cleanup

The meeting organizer or designee is responsible to ensure the conference room is clean and chairs/tables are stacked and folded.  A $150 clean-up fee will be assessed to any users if trash is not placed in provided in-room trash bins, spills, or other related messes are found.  If there is damage to the space or a surface within the space, the repair or replacements costs will be forwarded to the event host.  Below is the post-event checklist of items that need to be completed prior to departing.

  • Trash: removed and placed in provided trash receptacles.
    • ASU-affiliates must remove trash from the building to the dumpster on the north side of the building (exceptions for after-hours events).
  • Tables/Chairs: wiped down, folded and stacked in the far southwest corner of the room.
    • Non-ASU affiliate organizations, and for those organizations paying after-hours fees to use the Concho Room, are not required to re-set the room post-event.
  • Audio-Visual Equipment: turned off (projector, microphones, etc.)
  • Lights: turned off
  • Door: Concho Room door closed upon exit