Jason K. v. Eden (2001)

Provided support and consultation to the Arizona Department of Health Services to modify and implement the Wrap Around Fidelity Index to monitor children's behavioral health services.

Funding: Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) Division of Behavioral Health Services (DBHS).

Partners: Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) Division of Behavioral Health Services (DBHS); Child Welfare Group.

Program Description: In 2001, a federal district court judge ruled that the State of Arizona was obligated to revamp its entire children's behavioral health system so that the needs of the children and their families came first. This ruling came as the result of a suit brought by the family of a child in the system, Jason K., who was denied services by the state despite the recommendations from his counselor. The court found that Arizona and its contracted providers had failed to provide the mental health treatment mandated by Medicaid. The suit expanded into a class action, including as plaintiffs all children with behavioral health problems served by the state under Title XIX. As part of the settlement, the state was required to develop and implement new policies, services, and quality management in line with 12 principles laid out by the court as the "J.K. Practices to Achieve Success for Children." The principles focus on collaboration among agencies, training for practitioners, and respect and care for children and families.

CABHP's Role: CABHP developed a reliable, scientifically rigorous, statewide quality management system that monitored whether and how well children's behavioral health services fulfilled the 12 principles. This system was  administered through the Regional Behavioral Health Authorities (RBHAs), which routinely submitted client service data for analysis. CABHP designed a process for data collection and then analyzed that data, regularly reporting its results to ADHS and the Plaintiffs. It also developed and delivered training curriculum to service providers.

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