Nicholas Carson, Issues and Strategies to Address Behavioral Health Disparities for Under-Served Families

Dr. Nicholas Carson will present his keynote: Issues and Strategies to Address Behavioral Health Disparities for Under-served Families, on July 18th, the first day of Summer Institute.  

Nicholas Carson, MD, FRCPC is Medical Director for child and adolescent outpatient psychiatry services at the Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA), a safety-net community health system in the Greater Boston area. He is also a Clinical Research Associate at the Health Equity Research Lab (Center for Multicultural Mental Health Research) at CHA, and an Instructor in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. Over the past decade, his work has involved clinical and research efforts to identify innovative mental health treatments for families in culturally diverse, low-income settings.This includes disparities research on patient-centered interventions that support shared decision making. He is chair of the Quality Improvement committee for the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at CHA and teaches clinical scholarship, psychiatric evaluation, and psychopharmacology to child psychiatry Fellows. Dr. Carson completed medical school at McGill University, psychiatry residency at the University of Pennsylvania, and child psychiatry fellowship at Cambridge Health Alliance.