Recovery Community Services Program – Blueprints to Life 2.0, Peer Recovery Support Program

CABHP monitors implementation, provides feedback, and evaluates outcomes of a peer-based program that connects homeless people in Maricopa County with treatment for substance use disorders and other needed services.

Funding:  SAMHSA/CSAT grant supports the project; Community Bridges contract to CABHP for evaluation and technical assistance services.

Partners: Community Bridges.

Program Description: Community Bridges, Inc. is a licensed behavioral health provider and a private non-profit organization that offers a full continuum of behavioral health programs and services. Community Bridges, Inc. received a federal SAMHSA grant to implement the Peer Recovery Support Program (PRSP) to provide peer-based outreach and ongoing supportive care to homeless individuals who have untreated substance use and mental health disorders. The SAMHSA grant was used to continue to provide peer support services to an additional cohort of 95-100 engaged individuals for the fourth and final year of the PRSP program. The individuals served were primarily homeless adult men and women between the ages of 31-59 who had untreated, co-occurring disorders that have been identified to have had multiple community-based, crisis service admissions.  The Peer Support Specialists (Community Bridges' staff) provided outreach, engagement, support services and assistance with accessing other community services.  Community Bridges, Inc. provided outreach and links to community resources to 200 homeless individuals with co-occurring disorders annually.  Forty-eight percent of those 200 identified homeless individuals were engaged with wrap-around services, which included linkages to co-occurring enhanced treatment, access to primary healthcare, and placement in temporary or permanent housing. Clients received assistance in applying for Medicaid, completed a Community Bridges, Inc. co-occurring enhanced outpatient protocol, and received trauma-informed peer-based and primary care. Peer Support Specialists also attempted to re-engage clients if relapse occured.  Participation in the program lasted for up to 52 weeks.  Under contract to Community Bridges, CABHP conducted an evaluation of the program through an analysis of national outcome measures, staff interviews, and key documents. CABHP also provides on-going technical assistance to meet the needs of Community Bridges, Inc.

CABHP's Role:  To provide evaluation and technical assistance services.

Principal Investigator: Michael Shafer, Ph.D.

Project Manager:  Vicki Staples, M.Ed.

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