Research Hubs Help Native American Communities Address Youth Suicide

An alarming new report from the CDC shows suicide rates of American Indian and Alaska Native youths have steadily increased since 2003. These rates are among the highest of any demographic group in the U.S. 

In response, three National Institute of Mental Health funded collaborative research hubs recently came together to investigate why. Together, along with tribal leaders, these hubs aim to create effective science-based preventative measures promoting resilience for this at-risk population, while still taking into account their cultural spirituality and the traditional practices of their community.

Locally, ASU’s Center For Applied Behavioral Health Policy are doing our part to address this concerning issue by hosting the 15th Annual Phoenix Area Indian Health Service Integrated Behavioral Health Conference coming in May. The event focuses on building healthy and safe communities and will feature, amongst other things, courses such as "Suicide Indicators,” and “Suicide Prevention within Tribal Lands.”

Learn more about the research hub’s investigations and the CDC’s findings by clicking here.