Summer Institute welcomes keynote speaker and author, Jay Golden

If every human interaction tells a story, how can we use storytelling to link a person from, for example, their correction officer to their mental health professional? How do we ensure we are honoring and seeing the full person to provide the best quality care? And how do we bring our organizational services to the forefront while simultaneously collaborating with others?

These are big questions that require a big response, which is why at this year’s conference the CABHP invited keynote speaker and renowned story coach, Jay Golden to this year’s Conference.

Golden is author of the book ‘Retellable,’ an easy-to-use universal storytelling framework, designed to guide people and the systems they work within to action. He speaks to how one packages and tells their story, makes the most with their money, and ultimately becomes more effective and efficient at providing services. 

Aside from writing, Golden is also a story coach and entrepreneur. He is founder and CEO of Retellable, a storytelling company based in the San Francisco Bay Area. For 10 years, Jay has coached leaders, led trainings, and crafted stories for leaders at companies such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Rainforest Action Network. Jay has spoken on CNN, Fox News, and at the Conference on World Affairs and led trainings all over the world.

The four-day conference is July 17-20 in Flagstaff, AZ at the High Country Conference Center. 

To register, click here and join Jay Golden and other presenters for an amazing educational and networking opportunity for Arizona’s healthcare and behavioral health professionals.