innovations & trends in pain management
Friday, October 30, 2015


Improving Outcomes in Pain Care - Dr. Michael Ashburn 
Click to download:  keynote_session_improving_outcomes_in_pain_care.pdf

MAT in the Pain Management practice - Rick Christensen, PA
Click to download:  mat_in_the_pain_management_practice_-_christensen.pdf

Chronic Pain & Depression - Dr. Michael Clark
Click to download:  session_2_chronic_pain_depression_-_dr._clark.pdf

Opioid Prescribing & Assessing for Aberrant Behavior - Dr. Daniel Duhigg
Click to download:  session_3_opioid_prescribing_assessing_for_aberrant_behavior_dr._duhigg.pdf

Cannabis in Pain and Palliative Care - Dr. Donald Abrams
Click to download:  keynote_session_cannabis_in_pain_and_palliative_care_dr._abrams.pdf

Integration of Specialty Care into Primary Care Practice -- Dr. Michael Ashburn
Click to download:  integration_of_specialty_care_into_primary_care_practice.pdf

Predictors of Chronic Pain - Dr. Michael Clark
Click to download:  session_5_predictors_of_chronic_pain_-_dr._clark.pdf

An Integrative Medicine Approach to Chronic Pain - Dr. Donald Abrams
Click to download:  an_integrative_medicine_approach_to_chronic_pain.pdf

Unequal Burdens and Unheard Voices - Dr. Carmen Green
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