Community Collaborative
Interprofessional Program

The ASU Community Collaborative at the Westward Ho is an innovative service-learning program physically located on the first floor of the Westward Ho. The program offers university students a real-world environment in which to learn the skills of their field while providing onsite services that have a positive impact in the community.

Through partnerships with five ASU colleges, the Community Collaborative is able to offer Westward Ho residents free services addressing the physical, mental, emotional and social components of health and wellbeing.  Since its opening in the fall of 2016, the Collaborative has hosted 332 students from multiple disciplines and has offered a variety of group and individual services that provide opportunities for social interaction, cognitive stimulation, exercise and recreation, and health and social services. Program services include the following:

Music Therapy: Undergraduate music therapy students facilitate group sessions of active and receptive music making, including creating, singing, moving to and/or listening to music. Sessions are focused on stress reduction and community building and inclusion through interactive musical performances and through developing creative collaborations. 

Nursing: Undergraduate nursing students provide health promotion education and basic nursing services, such as blood pressure checks, blood glucose checks and wound checks.  Nurse practitioner students offer more comprehensive assessment services, including home visits, health promotion and wellness education.

Nutrition: Undergraduate nutrition students provide nutrition and health promotion education, including information on nutrition related health problems, individual nutrition plans and recommendations for healthy eating while on a budget.  

Recreation Therapy: Undergraduate recreation therapy students provide recreation and activity-based interventions using a variety of techniques including games, arts and crafts, dance and movement, and special community events.  They also offer leisure education, such as guitar lessons.   

Social Work: Both undergraduate- and masters-level social work students provide case management services, individual counseling and assessment, therapeutic groups, psychosocial education, and community building activities. 

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 If you have questions about the Community Collaborative, the Interprofessional Program or internship opportunities, contact: 

Tama Reily
Community Collaborative Manager


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