Second Chance Act
Statewide Adult
Recidivism Reduction Plan

The Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC) was awarded funding under the Second Chance Act Statewide Adult Recidivism Reduction Plan Implementation Grant program from the Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance. This Second Chance Project supports Arizona communities by building a foundation for community re-entry coalitions. ASU’s CABHP is contracted with ADC to assist in the formation of re-entry coalitions statewide. CABHP facilitates an evidenced-based approach to assist coalitions in systematically identifying and addressing the challenges posed by individuals who are re-entering their communities after incarceration.

 CABHP in collaboration with ADC is raising awareness about the importance of re-entry strategies and coalition development to support individuals who are reentering the community after incarceration.

To learn more about joining or starting a Second Chance Re-entry Coalition contact: 

Trey Jenkins
Manager, Community-based Research


Reentry Summit & Coalitions

Motivational Interviewing Training for ADC

The ASU Center for Applied Behavioral Health Policy has partnered with the Arizona Department of Corrections in training correctional officers, re-entry officers, supervisors and leadership in the communication style of Motivational Interviewing.

Motivational Interviewing is used in a correctional setting to build positive inmateofficer working relationships and de-escalate situations when needed, as well as produce behavior change that can reduce criminal recidivism. From 2017-present, over 500 officers have been trained in the style and received individualized feedback and coaching utilizing the Officer Response Questionnaire (ORQ) fidelity instrument. Officers have realized significant improvements in their Motivational Interviewing skills from pre- to post-training, as measured by the ORQ. Capacity building activities will commence in 2020, including a training of the trainers of Department of Corrections instructors, as well as booster workshops for previous learners.  

If you would like to learn more about Motivational Interviewing, contact:

Adrienne Lindsey
Associate Director, CABHP

Denise Beagley
Manager of Clinical Initiatives and Training

Current Coaltions

Current Coaltions

Graham/Greenlee County

Navajo County

Maricopa County


2019 Reentry Summit

2019 Reentry Summit

Reentry Summit Photo 1

In July 2019, ADC and CABHP hosted a Reentry Summit in Flagstaff Arizona.

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