Summer Institute Presentations

Summer Institute Presentations Page 

Session 1: A Novel Integrated Approach for Acute, Co-morbid Medical and Behavioral Health Problems

Session 2: The Haven Model - Integrated Addiction Treatment Addressing the Neurobiological, Somatic, Cognitive, Behavioral, and Socioeconomic Root Causes of Addiction

Session 3: Community Impact Model

Session 4: Reach Out - A Collaborative and SMART Justice Approach

Session 5: Employee Satisfaction

Session 6: Opening Arizonas First Med Unit

Session 8: Creating Sustainable Medical Neighborhoods

Session 10: Preventing Intimate Partner Violence in Vulnerable Populations

Session 11: Bringing Law Enforcement and BH Together

Session 12: Implementing Evidence-based Practices and Other Pracrice Improvement Strategies - A Practical Guide to Facillitating Organizational Change

Session 13: Recovery Community Organizations - Creating Recovery Ready Communities

Session 14: Cognitive Enhancement Therapy

Keynote Session: Paolo del Vecchio - Multisector Approaches in Health Services Integration Lead the Way to Innovation in Mental Health and Recovery Services

Keynote Session: James Golden - Six Steps to Effective Storytelling & Session 15: Getting to Retellable - Finding, Shaping and Sharing Your Key Stories

Session 16: Adult Therapeutic Foster Care

Session 17: Collaborating with Specialty Courts

Session 18: A Community Collaborative for Officer Wellness

Sessions 19A & 19B:

Session 20: Using Technology to Improve the Care Transition to Outpatient Aftercare Services Following Addiction Treatment

Session 21: It Takes A Village... of DATA! Using System Dashboards to Drive Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration

Keynote Session: James Weinstein - Communities in Action, Pathways to Health Equity

Session 22: Scaling up a patient centric program to an institution wide initiative - It is a team sport

Session 23: We Count! The Importance of and Barriers to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Data Collection

Session 24: It Takes a Village - Building collaboration with traditional and non-traditional resources to reduce DWI's in your community

Session 25: Building a Career Path for Peer Support Employees in Behavioral & Integrated Healthcare

Session 26: Stop Our Stigma or SOS

Session 27: Using a Multisector Approach to Create Healthy Communities

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Session 28: "Can We Talk?" - Collaboration in the Workplace (No Power Point used)

Session 29: Re-Entry Simulation - In Their Shoes (No Power Point used)

Session 30: Governor's Office of Youth, Faith and Family (GOYFF) - Overview and Priorities

Session 31: MAT in a Health Home

Session 32: Rural Health Disparities - Creative Outreach and Community Collaboration

Session 33: AHCCCS Updates

Session 34: Bridging Gaps in Care - Impacts of Direct Linkage Post Crisis Utilization

Session 35: Supporting Transition - Integrated Care and Collaboration in Gender-Affirming Services

Session 36: Treating Sex Offenders - the Shadow of the #MeToo Movement

Session 37: Learned Helplessness and Intercultural Dynamics - Fostering Change

Session 38: A Collaborative Community-based Approach to Preventing Opioid Overdose Deaths

Session 39: Rx360 Misuse & Abuse Toolkit Training

Session 40: Holistic Person-Centered Care - Collaborative Approaches in Delivering both Physical and Behavioral Health Services that Improve Clinical Outcomes

Session 41: Crisis Support Training

Session 42: Gender Identity Across the Spectrum - Deconstructing the Binary System

Session 43: Communities Working in Collaboration to Address Health Disparities

Session 44: The Eleohant in the Exam Room - Can Integrated Primary Care be Efficient?

Session 45: Breaking all Barriers - Innovative and Integrative Ways to Address Opioid Epidemic

Session 46: Cultivating a Culture of Collaboration - A Bird's Eye View of Tucson's 20-year Journey to Becoming a National Model for Mental Health and Justice Collaboration

Keynote Session: Michael Shafer - Creating a Culture of Behavioral Health - Opportunities & Challenges for Multi-Sector Alignment

Session 47: Multisector Strategies to Address Social Determinates and Engage Community Organization to Impact Clinical Outcomes and Realize Cost Savings

Session 48: A Real Second Chance - Initiatives Aimed at Preventing Recitivism

Session 49: Let's Talk About Sex - Integrating Sexual Health Conversations into Healthcare Services

Session 50: Becoming a Learning Organization - How Leaders can Cultivate an Organizational Climate that Supports Collaboration and a Growth Mindset

Session 51: Coordination as a Mindset - A Facilitated Conversation for Private Practitioners

Session 52: What you Need to Know - the 2018 Legislative Session and Beyond


Session 1: A Novel Integrated Approach for Acute, Co-morbid Medical and Behavioral Health Problems

Session 2: The Haven Model - Integrated Addiction Treatment Addressing the Neurobiological, Somatic, Cognitive, Behavioral, and Socioeconomic Root Causes of Addiction

Session 3: Community Impact Model






























































































Keynote Session - How Are We Going to Get Paid Tomorrow...and How do we Prepare Today - Dale Jarvis: keynote_how_are_we_going_to_get_paid_tomorrow.pdf

Session 1 - Innovation - The Road to Disruption: session_1_innovation_berger.pdf

Session 2 - The ANCHOR Project: Striving for Whole Health & Wellness Through a Trauma-Informed System of Care for LGBTQSA Transitional Age Young Adults: session_2_the_a


Session 3 - Restoration to Competency: Treatment, Justice, or Neither: session_3_restoration_to_competency_kalandros.pdf    competency_handout.pdf

Session 4 - Integration and The Rural Community: session_4_integration_peters_keckich.pdf

Session 6 - Successful Strategies When Supporting a Peer Team:  session_6_successful_strategies_welty.pdf    supervising_peers_handout.pdf   

Session 7 - Digging into the Arizona Behavioral Health Payment Reform Self-Help Toolkit: session_7_digging_into_the_toolkit.pdf

Session 8 - Medical Marijuana and Behavioral Health Care: Issues and Opportunities: session_8_medical_marijuana_allen_stratton_shafer.pdf

Session 10 - Population Health Management and the Model for Improvement: session_10_population_health_martinez.pdf

Session 13 - Behavioral Health Information Exchange: Statewide Roadmap and Update: session_13_behavioral_hie_young.pdf

Session 15 - Improving Outpatient Service Delivery for Criminal Offenders with Serious Mental Illness: session_15_improving_outcomes_fulton.pdf  improving_outcomes_handout.pdf

Session 16 - Universal Screening for Substance Abuse in Primary Care & Integrated Settings - The SBIRT Model: session_16_the_sbirt_model_lindsey.pdf

Session 18 - Application of Brief Artistic Interventions with Integrated Care and Services: session_18_brief_artistic_interventions_figurski.pdf     bai_handout.pdf

Session 20 - Substance Abuse: Can You Imagine: session_20_substance_abuse_watson.pdf

Session 21 - Clinical & Ethical Issues in Managing Juvenile Sex Offenders: An Integrated Decision Making Process: session_21_ethical_issues_underwood.pdf

Session 22 - Outcomes from Improved Health Activation and Literacy: session_22_outcomes_from_improved_franczak.pdf

Session 24 - Against All Odds: session_24_against_all_odds_montgomery_shaw.pdf

Session 25 - Technology and Analytics Roadmap: session_25_technology_jung_rabideau.pdf

Session 26 - When Life Gives you Lemons When Implementation Works and Theory Fails: session_26_empowr_lindsey_scoblink.pdf

Session 27 - Developing an Effective Local Community Criminal Justice/Mental Health System - The Judge as Change Agent:  Audio Available Upon- Send a request to

Session 30 - Your Body Knows - Healing Through Somatics: session_30_somatics_zwicky.pdf

Keynote Session - Reforming the Response to Substance Use: A Drug Policy for the 21st Century - Dave Mineta: mineta_-_reforming_the_response_to_substance_use.pptx

Session 31 - Health Information Exchanges (HIEs): Essential Technology for Integrated Health: session_31_hies_essential_technology_trush.pdf

Session 32 - Choose Health: A Community Initiative: session_32_choose_health_vasquez.pdf

Session 33 -  Mindfulness-Based Interventions with Justice-Involved Persons: Jail's Unique Opportunity: session_33_mindfulness_beverly.pdf

Town Hall Meeting: A New Stance in Meeting the Needs of Arizona's Vulnerable Adolescents and Young Adults: town_hall.pdf

Session 37 - Self Compassion: Teaching Others and Training Self: session_37_self_compassion_penn_hill.pdf

Session 39 - How Crisis, Addiction, Recovery and Community Meet Together: session_39_crisis_addiction_recovery_margiotta_hogeboom.pdf

Session 40 - Using Quality Improvement Methods to Achieve the Triple Aim in Behavioral Healthcare Organizations: session_40_quality_improvement_balfour_rhoads_tanner.pdf

Session 41 - Care Coordination: Creating Connections for American Indian Health Program Members: session_41_care_coord_carpio_adams.pdf

Session 42 - From Mom-and-Pop to Full-Service One-Stop: How Peer and Family-Run Organizations can Build Out Without "Selling Out": session_42_mom-and-pop_bianco_mcgovern.pdf

Session 43 - Pilot Results - iCollaborative Care Approach with Pharmacy-Managed Treatment Including Counseling and Compliance Education Show Promising Impact: session_43_icollaborative_cervantes_pierce.pdf

Session 44 - Talking About Reproductive Health and Family Planning with Clients: session_44_reproductive_health_stookey_podshadley.pdf

Session 45 - The Challenge of Recovery, Life Planning a New Approach: session_45_challenge_of_recovery_oneill_austin.pdf     challenge_of_recovery_handout_pdf.pdf

Session 46 - Designing the ACT Medical Home: Model Concepts, Implementation and Outcomes: session_46_act_medical_home_dye_aking_gary.pdf

Session 47 - Simulation Training: A Novel Approach to Primary Care Behavioral Health Training: session_47_simulation_training_ellis_moyer_rosas.pdf     simulation_training_handout.pdf

Session 48 - Wellness in Your CARE TEAMS: session_48_wellness_care_teams_howard_verdier.pdf

Keynote Session - Cracked Not Broken, The Kevin Hines Story - Kevin Hines: kevin_hines.pdf

Session 1Multidimensional Wellness: True Integration of Mind and Body

Session 4: Connect 2 Care: An Innovative Model for Serving Hospitals - session-4-connect-to-care-an-innovative-model-for-serving-hospitals_1.pdf

Session 5: Utility and Benefits of Gathering Data for Funders, Clients, and Clinic or Consumer Operated Programs - session-5-utility-and-benefits-of-gathering-data-for-funders-client_1.pdf

Session 8: Integration of Care Through Community Partnerships: Housing First, What’s Second? - session-8-integration-of-care-through-community-partnerships-housin.pdf

Session 9: Playing Together in the Sandbox: Collaborating to Achieve Health Outcomes - session-9-playing-together-in-the-sandbox-collaborating-to-achieve-.pdf

Session 10:Reduction of Crisis Service Recidivism Using the Adaptive Interaction Model - session-10-reduction-of-crisis-service-recidivism-using-the-adaptiv.pdf

Session 11: Integration of Self-Management Programs into Clinical Settings - session-11-integration-of-self-management-programs-into-clinical-se.pdf

Keynote Session: Creating and Sustaining Healthy Workplaces - eby-keynote-creating-and-sustaining-healthy-workplaces.pdf

Session 13: Camp Wellness: The Creation of an AHCCCS-funded, Self-sustaining Wellness Program for Adults with Serious Mental Illnesses - session-13-camp-wellness-the-creation-of-an-ahcccs-funded-self2013s.pdf

Session 17: Addressing Community Need: The Struggles and Successes to Finding Adequate Funding in Complex Public Systems - session-17-addressing-community-need-the-struggles-and-successes-to.pdf

Session 18: The Health Integration Collaborative - session-18-the-health-integration-collaborative.pdf

Keynote Session: Fulfilling the Affordable Care Act Vision of Whole Health and Recovery - manderscheid-keynote-fulfilling-the-aca-vision-of-whole-health-reco.pdf

Session 19: Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention: An Evidenced Based Group Approach - session-19-mindfulness-based-relapse-prevention-an-evidenced-based-.pdf

Session 20: Rally Point Tucson: Developing Appropriate and Effective Resource Connections for Veterans, Service Members and their Families in Pima County - session-20-rally-point-tucson-developing-appropriate-and-effective-.pdf

Session 21: Accommodating Persons with Mental Disorders in the Workplace - session-21-accommodating-persons-with-mental-disorders-in-the-workp.pdf

Session 22: Mental Health First Aid ARIZONA - session-22-mental-health-first-aid-arizona.pdf

Session 24: Using Information Technology to Support Collaborative, Integrated Health Care - session-24-using-information-technology-to-support-collaborative-in.pdf

Session 26: The Interwoven World: Reframing How We Address Social Determinants of Health in an Integrated World - the-interwoven-world-reframing-how-we-adddress-social-determinants-.pdf

Session 27: Assessing Risk and Limiting Liabilities - assessing-risk-and-limiting-liabilities.pdf

Session 28: Doing Good, Forever: The Power of Endowment and Planned Gifts - session-28-doing-good-forever-the-power-of-endowment-and-planned-gi.pdf

Session 29: Navigating and Developing a Comprehensive Peer Workforce in an Integrated System - session-29-navigating-and-developing-a-comprehensive-peer-workforce.pdf

Keynote Session: Evidence Based Family Interventions for the Prevention of Substance Abuse and other Adolescent Impulse Disorders - kumpfer-keynote-evidence-based.pdf

Session 31: Recovery, Resilience and Well Being - session-31-recovery-resilience-and-well-being.pdf

Session 32: Step Forward: A Collaborative Effort to Reduce Health Disparities Impacting Latino Youth - session-32-step-forward.pdf

Session 34: Identifying Health Needs at the Community Level: Data-Driven Decision-Making Using the Community Data Project - session-34-identifying-health-needs-at-the-community-level-data-dri.pdf

Session 36: Dismantling Silos of Care: The Role of the DBH and Behavioral Health Consultant in Integrated Health - session-36-dismantling-silos-of-care-the-role-of-the-dbh-and-behavi.pdf

Session 39: Treatment Mapping: Using Collaboration to Maximize Community Based Treatment for Offenders - session-39-treatment-mapping-using-collaboration-to-maximize-commun.pdf

Session 41: Peer Support as Evidence for Improved Quality of Life in the Hard of Hearing Person - session-41-peer-support-as-evidence-for-improved-quality-of-life-in.pdf

Session 44: Implementing Evidence Based Mental Health & Substance Treatment in Jail: Early Treatment & Community Integration - session-44-implementing-evidence-based-mental-health-substance-trea.pdf

Session 45: Coaching for Recovery - session-45-coaching-for-recovery.pdf

Session 47: Advocacy: Peer Citizen Actionsession-46-health-information-exchange.pdf

Keynote Session: The  Dangerous and Promising Path: Using Citizen Panels to Enhance Outcomes for Behavioral Health Agencies - keynote-blake-jones-phd-msw-lcsw.pdf



Keynote Session: Blending the Community Mental Health Mission into the Patient-Centered Medical Home - si-keynote-session-blending-the-community-mental-health-mission-into-the-patient-centered-medical-home.pdf

Session 1: New Models for a New Marketplace - si-session-1.pdf

Session 3: Walking Hand in Hand - si-session-3.pdf

Session 5: Happiness: A Journey to Contentment - si-session-5.pdf

Session 6: Ending Suicide in Healthcare Settings - si-session-6.pdf

Session 7: Balancing Provider Focus and Consumer Focus in Clinical Supervision - si-session-7.pdf

Session 8: The Importance of Documentation - si-session-8.pdf

Session 9: Partnering to Improve Outcomes for High Risk Youth - si-session-9.pdf

Session 12: Second Generation Integration: Blending the Community Mental Health Mission into the Patient Centered Medical Home - si-session-12.pdf

Session 13: Using Data to Drive Decisions and Improve Quality - si-session-13.pdf

Session 14: Integrated Primary Care and BH Services in a Community Health Center - a Perspective - si-session-14.pdf

Session 15: Achieving Culturally Competent Peer Involvement in Client Complaint and Grievance Process - si-session-15.pdf

Session 16: "E-wetma": Bringing Together Tribal and Non-Tribal Entities - si-session-16.pdf

Session 17: Mental Disorders and Comorbidity - si-session-17.pdf

Session 19: The TIP System Process System Model: Incorporating Social Media as a Tool of Choice and Associated Handouts - si-session-19.pdf

Keynote Session: Healthcare Reform is Coming to the Southwest - But What About Persons with Substance Use and Co-Occurring Disorders? - Dale Jarvis, CPA - keynote-session-dale-jarvis.pdf

Session 20: Peer Utilization for Integrated Health - si-session-20-handout.pdf

Session 21: Non-Profit Financial Management in Behavioral Health Environment - si-session-21.pdf

Session 22: Integrating Tobacco-Free Living into Behavioral Health Wellness Programs and Associated Resources - si-session-22-1.pdf

Session 23: Courage to Serve Others in Challenging Times Handout - si-session-23-handout.pdf

Session 24: Overuse of Psychotropic Medications in Children and Adolescents - si-session-24.pdf

Session 26: Trauma-Informed Care: The Basics - session-26-trauma-informed-care-the-basics.pdf

Session 27: Position Your Agency for Fundraising Success - si-session-27.pdf

Session 28: Everything You Wanted to Know About ROP But Didn't Know to Ask - si-session-28.pdf

Session 29: Treatment Probation Tracking Program - si-session-29.pdf

Session 30: Integrated Healthcare: The Successful Merging of Behavioral Health Services and Medical Services for Members Self-Identified as Being HIV Positive and/or Diagnosed with AIDS - si-session-30.pdf

Session 31: The Ultimate Mobile Device: Mindfulness Tools for Wellness and Associated Resources - si-session-31.pdf & session-31-resources.pdf

Session 32: Women Veterans: A New Era - si-session-32.pdf

Session 33: Healthcare Reform is Coming to the Southwest - But What About Susbtance Use and Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Providers? - si-session-33.pdf

Keynote Session: Something Coordinated This Way Comes - Monica Oss - keynote-session-something-coordinated-this-way-comes.pdf

Session 34: Board Governance 101 - si-sesion-34.pdf

Session 35: Building Bridges in Arizona - si-session-35.pdf

Session 36: How to Survive an Office of Behavioral Health Licensing Survey with Your Nerves Intact - si-session-36.pdf

Session 38: Behavioral Health Management of Pain Disorders in Primary Care and Associated Handout - si-session-38.pdf & si-session-38-handout.pdf

Session 39: Mobilizing a Community in Crisis - si-session-39.pdf

Session 40: In Pay for Performance, You Get Exactly What You Pay For (Alternate title: Understanding New Contracting Models) - si-session-40.pdf

Session 41: The Leader's Role in Mentoring and Coaching - si-session-41.pdf

Session 42: Ending Veteran Homelessness and Associated Resources - si-session-42-handout.pdf

Session 43: Independent Supported Housing for Young Adults Ages 18-24 - slides_session43_effectsandactiveingredients_rogers.pdf

Session 44: Treatment Mapping: Using Collaboration to Maximize Community Based Treatment for Offenders - si-session-44.pdf

Session 45: Filling the Gap: Innovative Alternatives in GSA 6 - session-45.pdf

Session 46: My Health Living and Associated Handouts and Resources - si-session-46.pdfsi-session-46-handouts.pdf & si-session-46-resources.pdf

Session 47: Quarterly Health Initiatives in Behavioral Health - session-47.pdf

Session 48: Consultation and Clinical Intervention Team - session-48.pdf

Session 50: A Model for Treating Children and Adolescents in INtegrated Health Care Settings- si-session-50.pdf

Session 51: Expanding the Definition of Risk: Integrated Sexual Health and Wellness and Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment - si-session-51.pdf

Session 54: Prescription Drug Abuse in Arizona - si-session-54.pdf

Session 55: Promoting Health and Wellness Among the Seriously Mental Ill in Tucson - si-session-55.pdf

Keynote Session: Using Evidence to Inform Public Policy in Behavioral Health - Amy Campbell - keynote-session-amy-campbell.pdf

Plenary: Changing Your World: Health information Technology, Patricia MacTaggart -  slides_mactaggart_openingkeynote_july19_2011.pdf

Session 2: The Effectiveness of (a) Program ANEW in Improving Life Quality, and HIV and Hepatitis Knowledge in Hispanics (b) Peer Recovery Coaches for Child Welfare-Involved Families Who Are Affected by Methamphetamine Abuse of Those Who Have Substance Exposed Newborns -  110718_p2p_and_anew_si_presentation_ror_v05.pptx

Session 3: Opportunity Knocks in Sobriety -  slides_session3_opportunityknocks_garcia.pdf

Session 4: Natural Law and the Jurisprudence of Recovery, Healing and Health -  slides_session4_part1naturallaw_sandoval.pdf &  slides_session4_naturallawpart2_sandoval.pdf

Session 6: The ADHS/DBHS Outcomes Framework and Performance Dashboard - slides_session6_adhsdbhsoutcome_dunkleberger.pdf

Session 7: Safety Counts - slides_session-7_safetycounts.pdf

Session 8: Spice, K2, and other Synthetic Cannabinoids: A Lab Perspective - slides_session8_synthetics_summer_institute_0711.pdf

Session 9: ORS/SRS Across the System: Implementation, Outcomes, and Considerations - slides_session9_ors_srsacrosssystem_levinemata.pdf

Session 10: Improving Client Engagement and Retention in Your Program Through Cultural Competency -  slides_session10_improvingclientengagment_keefe.pdf

Session 11: The Role of the Behavioral Care Provider in a Primary Care -  slides_session_11_roleofbhprovider_choca.pdf

Session 12: The Mindful Community: Creating Sanctuary and Restoring Lives Through the Transformative Power of Mindfulness-Based Practice - slides_session12_themindfulcommunity_stanton.pdf

Plenary: Behavioral Health Specialty Services and Integrated Healthcare: Challenges and Opportunities, David R. Lloyd -  wedamkeynotebhandintegratedhealthcare_lloyd.pdf

Session 13: Part 1 & 2 Data Driven Decision: Interactive Training and Technical Assistance - slides_session13_part1and2_datadrive_blackburn.pdf

Session 14: Turning an Idea into Reality: The Formation of a Peer Suicide Attempt Survivor Support Group -  slides_session14_turningideatoreality_guerra.pdf

Session 15: Part 1 & 2 Side Step Burnout and Tango with Wellness in the Workplace - slides_session15_part1and2_sidestepburnout_summers.pdf

Session 16: Part 1 & 2 Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment: An Evidenced-Based Intervention Strategy -  slides_session16_part1and2_sbirt_freese.pdf

Session 17: Outcomes Measures: Consideration for Implementation -  slides_session17_outcomemeasures_medina.pdf

Session 18: Enhancing Substance Abuse Services by Improving Interagency Linkages -  slides_session18_enchancingsaservices_duffee.pdf

Session 19: Recovery and Veteran Specific Issues -  slides_session19_veteranspecific_howard.pdf

Lunch Plenary: Health Care Reform: Impact on Program Delivery and Funding, Constance M. Horgan, Sc.D. -  wedlucheonkeynote_july2011.pdf

Session 20: Trauma Informed Care and Use of Community Based Participatory Research -  session20_traumainformedcare_adhs.pdf

Session 21: The Arizona Medical Marijuana Program, Substance or Just Smoke -  slides_session21_arizonamedical_marijuana_072011.pdf

Session 22: Open Access and Other Top Six Things to Do Now to Prepare for Healthcare Reform -  slides_sessions22and29_openaccess_llyod.pdf

Session 23: Creating Balance: Intervening in the Chemical Dependency Cycle through Awareness, Physiology and Nutrition -  slides_session23_creatingbalance_alibrio.pdf

Session 24: Integrating Treatment and Housing Services for Homeless Veterans: A Recovery-Oriented System of Care Approach -  slides_session24_110714_empowr_si-final.pdf

Session 25: Suicide is Preventable: The Next Phase in Addressing Suicide Intervention -  slides_session25_suicideispreventable.pdf

Session 26: Maricopa County Superior Court: Continuity of Care Calendar -  slides_session26_maricopacountysuperiorcourt_alexander.pdf

Session 27: Technology Isn’t A Luxury, It’s A Necessity: Using Modern Technology to Solve Clinical and Business Issues -  slides_session27_technologyisntaluxury_palumbo.pdf

Session 28: HIV Screening in Behavioral Health Settings: The Need is Clear -  slides_session28_hivscreeninginbh_bittenbender.pdf

Session 29: Open Access and other Top Six Things to Do Now to Prepare for Healthcare Reform -  slides_sessions22and29_openaccess_llyod.pdf

Session 30: Increasing Organizational Competence in Serving the LGBTQQ Population -  slides_session30_increasingorganizationalcompetencelgbtqq_chatfield.pdf

Session 32: Individual and Program Characteristics Associated with Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Utilization Among Adults Who Are Homeless -  slides_session32_individualandprogramcharacter.pdf

Session 34: The ADHS/DBHS Emergency Department Initiative -  slides_session34_adhs-dbhs-ed-initiative.pdf

Session 35: Bridging the Gaps: Agencies Working Together to Provide Re-Entry Planning for Women with Co-Occurring Disorders -  slides_session35_bridgingthegaps_curran_hellman_etal_1.pdf

Session 36: Laughing for Clinical Practice Improvement - slides_session36_laughingforclinicalpracticeimprovement_scott.pdf

Session 37: CIT Police Officer Dispatched – Crisis Resolved; So What??? -  slides_session37_citctndist_margiotta_etal.pdf 

Session 39: Leading in the New Economic Realities -  slides_session39_inclusive_leadership_carle.pdf

Session 41: Translating the Lessons of Implementing EBPs into Community-Based Agencies: Multi-System Collaboration, Accountability in Supervision and Outcomes for Youth and Families -  slides_session41_translatingthelessons_gutowski.pdf

Session 43: Effects and Active Ingredients of Peer Support: Results of an Experimental Study and New Vocational Initiative -  slides_session43_effectsandactiveingredients_rogers.pdf

Session 44: The Therapeutic Community: An Evidence-Based Treatment -  session44_tcevidencebased_mullen_faucette.pdf

Session 45: Crisis Phone Response Isn’t Enough: How Mobile Teams as an Extension of Crisis Phones are Providing Stabilization in the Community -  session45_mobile-team-ppt_crn.pdf

Session 46: Life Coaching for Successfully Navigating Community Life In Higher Education, On the Job and in Relationships with Others -  slides_session46_iic_lifecoaching_carle.pdf

Session 47: Business Coaching Program -  slides_session47_businesscoaching_kasparek.pdf

Session 49: Mental Health First Aid Certification: An Overview -  slides_session49_mhfaoverview_vasquez.pdf


Session 1 - Responding to the Needs of Drug Endangered Children and Children of Incarcerated Parents:  session1.pdf

Session 2 - Know Your Rights - Legal Rights of Arizonans with Alcohol and Drug Issues:  session2.pdf

Session 3 - Maricopa County RBHA : Effective Outreach Within Minority Populations:  session3.pdf

Session 4 - Transitional Care for Homeless Veterans: Addressing Health Care Issues:  session4.pdf

Session 5 - Creating Balance: Intervening in the Chemical Dependency Cycle through Nutrition, Emotions & Physical Health Relationships:  session5.pdf

Session 6 - Partnering with an Urban High School to Address Youth Substance Abuse:  session6.pdf

Session 7 - Mental Health 3.0 - Using the Harvard Balanced Scorecard to Drive Performance and Improve Clinical Outcomes:  session7.pdf

Session 8 - Grounded in the Present: What are the Benefits of Mindfulness-Based Practices for Those in Helping Professions?:  session8.pdf

Session 10 - The ASU Doctor of Behavioral Health and Integrated Behavioral Care:  session10.pdf

Session 10a - The Biodyne Model of Integrated Behavioral Health:  session10a.pdf

Plenary - Women and Addiction: A Gender-Responsive Approach, Stephanie Covington, Ph.D.:  plenaryjuly21n.pdf

Session 11 - The Addiction and Trauma Connection: Spirals of Recovery and Healing:  session11_1-2.pdf

Session 12 - Implementing Community Re-enforcement and Family Training (CRAFT):  session12.pdf

Session 14 - TERROS Parent to Parent (P2P) Recovery Program: The Use of Recovery Coaches in Parent Engagement: session14_part1.pdf

Session 14a - TERROS Parent to Parent (P2P) Recovery Program: The Use of Recovery Coaches in Parent Engagement-Success Stories Intro:   session14_part2.pdf

Session 15 - From Poverty to Wholeness, One Life at a time:  session15.pdf

Session 16 - Concept Mapping-Empirical Results and Implications for Peer Recovery Support Services:  session16.pdf

Session 17 - Cultural Competency in Prevention Programs:  session17.pdf

Lunch Plenary - Training Effectiveness and Learning Transfer: Key Components for Creating Effective Systems for Care: Prevention to Recovery, Thomas Coyne, Ed.D., LCSW:  plenary_lunch_july21.pdf

Session 18 - A Therapeutic Community Curriculum and Quality Assurance System Based on TC Elements:  session18.pdf

Session 20 - The Evolution of MY LIFE – You Can Do It Too:  session20.pdf

Session 21 - System Transformation in the Maricopa County Prevention Network: Building Capacity Community by Community, Part I:  session21.pdf

Session 21a - System Transformation in the Maricopa County Prevention Network: Building Capacity Community by Community, Part II: session21_part2.pdf

Session 22 - The Development and Utilization of Program Outcome Measures for Continuous Quality Improvement:  session22_1-2.pdf

Session 24 - Embracing Cultural Norms to Prevent Underage Drinking:  session24.pdf

Session 25 - Prescription Drug Abuse: A Presentation for Multi-Disciplinary Professionals, Richard Poppy:  session25.pdf

Session 27 - Building a Culture of Efficiency:  session27.pdf

Plenary - Tired, Wired and Mired: Preventing Burnout and Compassion Fatigue, Mark Sanders, LCSW, CADC:  plenary_july22.pdf

Session 28 - Integrated Health Programs, Part I:  session28.pdf

Session 28a - Integrated Health Programs, Part II:  session28part2.pdf

Session 29 - Wellness Management and Recovery: A Journey from Mental Illness to Wellness:  session29.pdf

Session 30 - What is MAT and Why is Everyone Talking About It?:  session30.pdf

Session 31 - Clinical Treatment with Adult Probationers:  session31.pdf

Session 32 - Taking a Page Out of the Golden Gate Bridge Story: Developing a Comprehensive Suicide Strategy for those with Serious Mental Illness:  session32.pdf

Session 33 - The AZ Substance Abuse Partnership (ASAP): A Strategic Data Driven and Collaborative Approach to AZ’s SA Prevention, Treatment & Recovery:  session33.pdf

Session 34 - Strategies For Engaging The Most Difficult-To-Reach Clients With Substance Use Disorders:  session34.pdf

Session 35 - The New Enrollment Process:  session35.pdf

Session 36 - If the Water is Drinkable, the Horse Will Drink: Adapting Evidence-Based Practices for Community Treatment:  session36.pdf

Session 37 - Arizona Families F.I.R.S.T.: An Example of Effective Cross-System Collaboration:  session37.pdf

Session 38 - Beyond CIT: Meaningful Law Enforcement Collaboration: The Phoenix Experience:  session38.pdf

Session 39 - Mommas, Babies, and Drugs: Outcomes, Processes, & Implications from Partnerships of Child Welfare & Substance Abuse Treatment Services: session39_1.pdf

Session 40 - Collaboration Efforts between the Criminal Justice System and Mental Health Services in Maricopa County: It’s more than Kumbaya: session40.pdf

Session 41 - Renewing the Foundations of Therapy: Mindfulness as a Basis for Psychotherapeutic Rapport: session41.pdf

Session 42 - The Role of Coaching and Supervision in the Children’s System of Care: session42.pdf

Plenary - The Drug War is Over – Now What: Translating Science into Drug Control Policy in 2010, A. Thomas McLellan, Ph.D., Deputy Director, White House ONDCP: lastplendary_mclellanthedrugwarisover.pdf